Summer's End

Hard to think that summer has almost ended. Am writing in the studio - listening to a jazz station from Toronto - with the doors and windows open - its a beautiful day - sunny and not too hot or too windy!! Yesterday had to bring in all the plants that have summered over outside as the temperature at night has been dropping quite low.  The orleander and the bougainvilla are in the sunroom off the studio and the hibisuses are down in the living room. We haven't had frost yet but the warnings have been given. Living by the river tends to keep us a little milder!!! 
We've had some very unusual weather lately - very warm and extremely humid. Now the pelicans and the rest of the birds are leaving, gaggles of geese are honking overhead, the leaves are falling and I guess we are getting ready for the winter!!!  I have stopped wearing my sandals and am wearing more sensible shoes and socks!!!!!  Long may the Fall continue and the boots stay in the cupboard!
Am busy with the upcoming shows - hang the first one at the end of the month and then hang the second one before the first one comes down so I can't use the same work for both!!!!  Finally finished the hand quilting on the big commission last night while watching an early ice hockey game. Now am deciding how to finish it - hopefully it will be completed in the next few weeks!!!  This project started last December with talks and then scribbles , then the finished design and the patterns cut, followed by the purchase of material and the start of construction etc. etc. etc. - so it has been a long time! Here is a small preview of one of the three panels.