Fish in Fibre by Judith Panson thumb

Well it has been almost a month since I last put pencil to paper/fingers to keyboard to write something for my blog!!!! In the mean time spring has started to arrive in Manitoba – though we still have some snow under the trees despite having had high temperatures for a couple of days. The river is high but the threat of flooding has stopped, the birds are very busy, the pelicans are back and although there is still no sign of buds on the trees if the weather keeps up it won’t be long before we see green leaves. Read More...

Have quilt will travel

The Good Earth in fibre size 17x26 by Judith Panson detail
Actually my quilts and fibre pieces travel more than I do! I have just sent off two fibre wall hangings for a show in Penticton called Quilt BC 2013. They will be part of a show by members of Fibre Art Network which is s a group of professional fibre artists living in Western Canada. Read More...

March 4th snow storm redux

Well Southern Manitoba has survived the March 4th snow storm along with lots of information about the BIG one March 4th 1966. That was my first Manitoba winter!!! For a person who before she came here could count all experienced snow storms on one hand it was all very exciting. Read More...

If I am busy I can't get into trouble!

The studio is looking extremely untidy at the moment - though I assure any visitor that I know exactly where everything is!!! Read More...

Drake’s spirit

Drakes Burrator by judith Panson fibre
Well I have picked up my two quilts from For the Love of Crafts show at Cre8ery Gallery. It was a great show with a lot of diversity and seemed to be well received.
Also received my quilt back from Saskatchewan. It is a three panel piece I titled Drake’s Burrator. Read More...

My first Blog

year of the snake by Judith Panson- Original Print
My very first blog!!!!!! Had many ideas until I sat down to write!!! Now I am sitting here racking my brains. Let me see - I have just finished getting my two fibre hangings ready to be hung in the Manitoba Craft Council's up coming show "For the Love of Crafts" which runs from February 1 – 12, 2013 at Cre8ery Gallery 2nd floor 125 Adelaide Street in Winnipeg. The opening reception is Friday February 1 between 7 and 10 pm. The gallery is open Tuesday and Thursday 12 -8 pm, Wednesday and Friday 12 – 5 pm and Saturday 12 – 4 pm