A New Year

I was busy last year (2014) and as I age I find that most things take me three times as long – maybe because when I was teaching everything was on a strict time line and now there is always tomorrow!!! I'm afraid that is what has happened to my blog writing. However this year one of the things I am going to try to do is write at least twelve blogs! The three painting/fibre shows I had in 2014 went well with many people looking at the work and making very nice comments. I ended up the year having painted five paintings and made fourteen quilts of various sizes. The little one of My First Quilt Show was included in Quilting Arts Magazine in the August/September edition. I finished the trio of banners depicting various parts of the historic Forks area of Winnipeg. I made several small hangings with restricted colour schemes and ended the year by combining several different techniques including silkscreen, felting and TAP in Honeycomb. All my work whether with fabric or paint starts out with much thought and then many drawings and sketches before the actual work begins. To show you two examples here are some early drawings for Polar Bear Plunge and Honeycomb. p-bear-3 start-of-honeycomb Some of my other quilts – or fibre hangings are still traveling around - Dinomischus is still being shown with Trex in Alberta. Moonlit Lily Pond, The Good Earth, Ichthyic Biosphere and The Kite Challenge are still being shown as part of FAN shows in various parts of Western Canada. Waiting for the Wind and Season of the Raven – Winter are included in the Saskatchewan Craft Council, at the Affinity Gallery for the show Our Prairie in Fibre in January/February 2015 and Polar Bear Plunge is off to New Zealand for the FAN show Canadiana in January.