Joys of March weather

It has certainly been a crazy month in terms of weather. We have had very cold, temperatures as high as middle double figures and lots of snow has fallen!!! The river opened up over night with none of the drama we have seen in the past. To paraphrase T.S. Eliot “it went with a whimper, not with a bang” There were some worries further down stream that there was a possibility of flooding but the jams moved on and so did the river. The geese came back in flocks and the eagles started flying up and down the river as they fished. The foxes have been roaming around the house and yard and I caught a glimpse of what I thought was the coyote as he slipped down towards the river. So life goes on.
One Tuesday it was 14 above and the grass was showing everywhere. The snow in the bush had melted and the paths that I use during the three other seasons of the year had filled with water. The following day when we went for the mail it was starting to sleet – when we woke up in the morning we had had six inches of snow and the garden looked like a Dr. Zhivago snow palace.
Fortunately there was no wind or the weight of the wet snow would have broken many branches and downed trees. It then turned cold and if I was athletic enough and had the skill (and the skates!) I could have skated the paths. We need to warm up some more to start draining all the little creeks and streams.
The strange bumps on my orchid have blossomed – it is looking so beautiful. Wonderful to see when everything outside has yet to come into its glory.
I have finished cutting what seemed like thousands of leaves for my fall carpet mixed media piece. Used many of my scraps and in doing so remembered the hangings that had been made from the originally purchased fabric. All the pieces are tacked down and now I have to decide how I am going to fix them permanently to the backing and to a canvas so that I don’t end up with fallen leaves all over the floor. I also want to do some machine embroidery on it – veins and small trigs etc. It has been a slow process as the month seems to have been so busy – baking, visiting, income tax time and of course Easter.
My Ekphrastic hanging will be sent off soon. Am now looking forward to seeing the work of the other forty seven artists and how they have interpreted the twelve poems. Definitely a show I hope to see. The artists in FAN are a very creative group and everyone produces their work from totally different aspects.
I am now starting to think about my next project and am going to go back to the drawings that I had played with at the beginning of the year – its going to be a combination of patterns/designs, abstraction and more realistic flora and fauna. Probably a combination of some painting and appliqué – the idea is still just percolating in my mind but I can feel my hands starting to itch to start drawing it out.