Spring Snow

From this you can tell I am originally from England – over there if someone says “Isn’t it lovely” or “Isn’t it terrible” everyone knows they are talking about the weather. I always seem to begin my blogs with a discourse about either the weather or the weather!!! I guess whether I can venture forth or not is of the utmost importance!!!


As a change of subject my beautiful orchid. I have always admired them they are so incredibly ornate and otherworldly. However I have never had one in my house as I was afraid that I would not be able to keep it alive. Never wanted the responsibility! However I was given this one last month by my grandson and it is still, as you can see, looking glorious. I hope that next month I can say that it is still with me.

The jigsaw wall hanging quilt is coming along – I have all the rough designs done and several of them at the finished drawing stage. Its certainly easier to do a jigsaw either on a computer or a dining room table than to make individual pieces out of fabric. Its proving to be quite a challenge. It has been fun deciding on what to include and what to leave out and to research and draw the various pieces. Here’s a sneak peek of some of what I have planned.

I have even collected the fabrics – a favourite pastime! My method of working is very controlled. I do a mass of research and rough sketches usually on tracing paper, then refine them down. I then make a finished drawing in ink and number each shape. From that I cut out a pattern for each piece from butcher paper, cut out the chosen fabric and turn in the required edges. The fun part comes when it all fits together and then the laborious task of sewing it all together by hand.


And here are three of them that are at the finished stage. Trying to get the sharp edges and curves so that they looked like parts of a jigsaw puzzle proved much more difficult than I expected. If I had made them stiff they wouldn’t have handled quite like a quilted wall hanging but it was necessary to have them ‘sewable’ without loosing the final shape. We shall see how the finished hanging is able to illustrate the fact that we are all parts of the whole and that without care we might lose more of our planet.